snow removal

The Impact of snow

Impact of snow and ice

Winter maintenance is essential to keep your property healthy and to minimize expenses. Not many know that they can save money by focusing on the north facing side of the building where most of the snow and ice buildups happens. Focusing north can help the managers better determine how much to spend under certain condition. There are different kinds of ice melts which can also determine the cost. Furthermore a seasoned worker would know how to apply the ice melts without wasting too much of the product. For example the north facing sidewalk would require a lot more than rest of the sides, it may not even be required to apply depending on how much snow/ice and what the temperature would be like. There are also laws in many Canadian cities where you have to clear the buildup within 12 hours after the snow ends. Don’t risk safety and lawsuits.

Managers should ensure that the workers know how to monitor and document the conditions. Workers need to be trained in application speed, type of equipment to use, how to apply, and application on different types of surfaces. It is not needed to spend the extra hard earned money on the ice melts that are meant for certain temperatures, type of ice, and texture of the surface. It is essential to understand these differences so the overall expenses can be reduced.

Maintain your facility.

Why Maintain?

Why do we need to maintain?

Maintaining property over the years can prevent expensive repairs especially if the building is in an area where the weather is not stable. The extreme temperatures will cause the materials over time to wear down. Property maintenance can allow companies to better predict the cost of maintenance and repairs making it easier to maintain budgets. Don’t risk property devaluation through lack of maintenance over time.

It is important to maintain the building exterior. If the exterior of the building is not maintained it can deteriorate over time and let in cold air and water. This can affect energy efficiency of the building along with the cost efficiency. The building will be losing heat and you hard earned money.

Poor conditions = less efficiency and high cost

The original material for the building is a valuable resource and maintenance is the ultimate form of being sustainable. Regular maintenance will prevent loss of original material and minimize the repairs needed over the years.