Do you require a faucet or toilet repair?  In most situations, would you contact a local plumber?  Could a General Maintenance Technician have completed the work?  Case studies have shown that approximately 50% of the time a GMT could have performed the repair.

Plumbing Services:

  • Faucet/Toilet/Sink repairs and replacement
  • General Leaks and overflow
  • Drain snaking
  • General blockage
  • Sink and toilet clogs
  • Investigate leak

Based on your service agreement if a licensed plumber is required we will dispatch and complete the repair at a pre-negotiated labour rate.

Sending the right people to do the right job saves you money!

Electrical Services

All electrical work subcontracted to ECRA/ESA licensed electrical contractors.

  • Replace breaker
  • Door bell (button and/or chime) – install, repair and/or replace
  • Measure/verify circuit voltage level
  • Replace receptacle/switch

HVAC Services

Commercial Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC-R) services, Maintenance, Mechanical Engineering, Technical Service

“The Glue Between the Trades”

Locks/Security Services:

  • Interior door locksets
  • File cabinet, credenza and cupboard locks – repair and/or replace
  • File cabinet, credenza and cupboard locks – open (lock out)
  • Supply/cut keys
  • Door paddle – repair and/or replace
  • Dead bolt – repair and/or replace

Fire, Life and Safety:

  • Monthly Code Inspection Service
  • Annual Inspection Service
  • Inspection of fire extinguishers and emergency lighting in compliance with NFPA 10

Furniture Repair Services:

  • Cupboard door/drawer – re-hang and/or replace
  • File cabinet – re-align, remove and/or replace door/tracks/legs/lock mechanism
  • Chair – re-attach leg
  • Door kick-down stop – adjust, repair and/or replace
  • Caster – repair and/or replace
  • Secure cabinet to wall
  • Laminante repair/cash wrap

Product Installation Services:

The Installation is the most important phase of the sale cycle. Ensuring it is completed by fully trained professionals that will be reflective of your brands good name is critical. iCheck provides product installation to Canada’s largest national manufacturers and distributors for a one point of contact solution. Examples: store displays, paper towel/tissue dispensers, soap dispensers, janitorial/chemical systems, etc.

Specialty Cleaning Services:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Hard Surface Flooring
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Blinds

General Exterior Services:

  • Parking curb stones – move and/or replace
  • Apply caulking
  • Sidewalk – repair and patch
  • Parking lot line painting – re-fresh old and/or cover old/paint new
  • Steel railings/parking sign post – repair and/or replace
  • Parking sign – re-attach to post
  • Wood fence/step – replace board(s)
  • Fill pothole (pavement and/or gravel)
  • Flashing – re-attach
  • Eaves trough – re-install, repair and/or unplug
  • Investigate leak

General Interior Services:

  • Blinds – re-install and repair
  • Replace ceiling tiles
  • Floor – replace tile, bricks and/or vinyl
  • Floor – replace metal transition strip
  • Keyboard tray – move and/or install
  • Remove and/or re-affix nameplates/decals
  • Patch drywall hole
  • Re-finish drywall – paint or paper
  • Clear/lubricate sliding door track
  • Shelf/cabinet/stanchion – remove and/or install
  • Baseboard – repair
  • Counter laminate – repair
  • Drawer – repairs
  • Investigate leak
  • Replace damaged ceiling tiles
  • Door Repairs: repair and/or replace closer
  • Repair and/or replace top/bottom pivot
  • Repair and/or replace handle
  • Replace grill bolts
  • Repair and/or rollers
  • Repair and/or replace latch
  • Re-hang doors